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Our Products

We offer nutritious and high-quality pastry goods in a broad variety of flavours for every taste and nutrition habit. By following traditional recipes and only using carefully selected local ingredients we seek to offer a unique gastronomic experience inspired from Greek tradition.  

Cheese Pie

Beloved flavour with carefully selected ingredients from Greece. A Greek traditional pie with mature flavour from Greek cheeses and crunchy pastry sheets.

Spinach Pie

This will be your favourite Greek pie! Following traditional recipes for fine vegetarian stuffing coming from our moms is the reason why we offer this delicious pie with crunchy pastry sheets and . Just give it a try.

Mediterranean Pie

Delicate and smooth veggie stuffing full of taste. Different and seasoned taste this pie encloses natures’ flavours, scents and colours. A product for people following a special diet or not, when you taste it you will be amazed.

Veggie Pie

Tasty stuffing of different greens combined with crunchy pastry sheets create a pie suitable for vegans. With no eggs and cheese enjoy it as part of your special diet or when a light meal is preferred. 

Cream Pie

Enjoy the traditional Greek sweet pie every moment! A rich cream filling from 100% pure cow milk and traditional pastry sheets compose the Greek traditional cream pie, a flavour foul of memories.