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Mama's Pie brings tradition in modern age with delicious pre- baked pastry goods that require a few minutes of heating
Enjoy in 3 simple steps

Preheat the oven
at 180°C fan mode

retrieve from
the freezer

bake off for
about 20 min


Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy
a tasteful, handmade pie
Chicken Pie
Mushroom Pie
What do you know about Greek pies?

The pie is a specific type of Greek traditional food that holds a special place in local gastronomic culture, as it is among the oldest, simplest and yet most delicious dishes one can find in this Mediterranean cuisine.

There are literally hundreds of different types of pies. Some are salty, some are sweet. Every Greek region has some form of pie made from local cheese combined, possibly, with local greens. But all the Greek pies have something in common: the ‘fillo’, a special dough composed by very thin pastry sheets

It is a dish that helped feed large families when food was scarce, and indeed many Greek pies call for just a few very basic ingredients that families almost always had on hand: a little flour and olive oil, cheese, some greens one could forage for on a moment’s notice. It is the art of creating something fantastic from nearly nothing!