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3 Easy Steps!

Retrieve from the freezer

Place at the oven at 180°C in fan mode

Heat for 15-18 minutes




We make something special. Not just a pie. A mama’s pie. Your favourite taste in just 18 minutes.

Cheese Pie

The popular Greek pie !

Spinach pie

The Greek perennial classic !

Meat pie

The meat lover’s choice !

Chicken Pie

A filling old favourite !

Vegan Pie

Veggies only for a smooth taste !

Potato Pie

A delicious novelty !

Milk Pie

A sweet and creamy journey !

For Professionals

High quality in less time, No more costly spoilage, Less electricity consumption!


Common pies require more than an hour of heating. With a Mama’s Pie you and your family can enjoy a wide variety of outstanding tastes in less than 20 minutes.